The EMP Threat

The government in Washington is spending the majority of their time squabbling in partisan politics such as the debt ceiling, border control, immigration reform, and covering up scandal after scandal such as the IRS, Benghazi, and others. We have a de-facto dictator making  law through unconstitutional Executive Orders and Presidential Directives essentially rendering a gutless Congress impotent.

Meanwhile those entities that would completely destroy us continue their plans and methods virtually unchecked. We’ve practically given the green light to Iran to continue their quest to develop a nuclear bomb. Which brings me to the EMP threat, which many are now beginning to realize just how much of a threat. Basically an EMP attack involves detonating a nuclear weapon high in the air. There is no physical destruction or loss of life in the area the burst covers, but all unprotected electronic devices cease to work. The electric grid stops, so there is no electricity.  Computers will not work, cell phones may or may not work, automobile, trucks, tractors that rely on computers will not function. I’ll provide links at the end of this article where you can learn the catastrophic effects of an EMP.

It has been reported that Iran is sending a couple of warships to patrol off our shores. Some intelligence believes this is to test our response and to pave the way for freighters to approach our shores, any one that could have the capability of launching a nuclear device with the sole purpose of creating an EMP burst over the United States. This a very dangerous threat to the United States. If several of their ships approach it would almost impossible to know which one, if any, or all were carrying such devices.  If they did launch and EMP it would be without warning, undetectable until it was detonated. Just a bright flash in the sky, and the area immediately plunged into the 18th or 19th Century.

It is relatively inexpensive to protect and harden our infrastructure from an EMP attack, but until just recently, there has been little interest or talk about it in governing bodies. I find it ironic that we can spend billions of dollars in areas that do little or nothing to protect our country, but can’t find money to protect us from this world changing event.

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