The Ghost Of Iraq Is Alive And Well

On December  2011 the United States completed it’s withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq.  Many members of  Congress and military leaders opposed the withdrawal, predicting civil war and continued government instability, predictions that are now becoming reality.

ISIS,  (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) is a relative new active Jihadist militant group currently expanding it’s influence from Syria into Iraq, with it’s goal to create a Islamic caliphate in the region.   Their invasion of Iraq, if successful, will create at the very least a sectarian Civil War that threatens to destabilize the entire Middle East.  Iraq will be where it was before the United States Operation Iraqi Freedom. The blood of almost 5,000 Americans killed, and 30,000 wounded (Wikipedia) will have been for nothing.

The current regime in Washington is now in the hand wringing state of what to do, what to do, and demanding that the US “do something”.

Friday June 13th President Obama made a statement on the crisis. In it he outlines what our current response will be, but promising there will be no boots on the ground. He stated that the Iraqi government ultimately must be responsible for their own fate.

That almost assures that the Middle East will erupt into chaos. Currently as the ISIS forces advance towards Baghdad the U.S. trained Iraqi Forces are throwing down their arms (U.S. supplied) removing their uniforms, and abandoning their weapons (US supplied).

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As I’ve written before, It is imperative to the World Controllers, that the world must be in a constant state of war.

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