The Ship USA is Adrift

A Russian missile blasts a Malaysian airliner out of the air over Ukraine killing 300 civilian human beings. What is the reaction of Barrack Hussein Obama, the presumed leader of the most powerful nation in the world? He continues on to a fund raiser and photo op, where he makes a cavalier 30 second statement about the downing of the airliner where he said, “Looks like it might be a terrible tragedy.”WHAT??? That’s like seeing a head on collision on the highway and saying it could be a terrible accident! — He then continues with his prepared speech cracking jokes and presenting his usual fund-raising platitudes.

It isn’t surprising, as this reaction is typical of how he views all tragedies and scandals. They have nothing to do with him directly. He is above it all. It’s some one else s fault, or some one else will deal with it, and the more harmful it is to the United States the less interested he is.

It is my personal belief that if someone were to nuke a major city in the US obama would/will do nothing except make a speech about how terrible it was, and how we will do something about it, fly off to another vacation, or fund raiser and/or Photo op.

Our ship USA is taking on water, has no rudder, no compass, and the Captain is nowhere to be found.

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