About This Blog

The Town Crier was originally started in the fall of 2012 as place to express Conservative/Libertarian views on Current Affairs, Politics, Philosophy, Religion, Mysticism, and how those views relate to the Worldview. It was to be a place that provided information and views that were difficult or impossible to find through the Main Stream Media.

It was maintained until 2014 when personal circumstances prevented it being updated. Throughout the years from then until the present, many of the things that were written then have been proven not only to be correct, but is some cases prophetic.

In the last few years the political and cultural climate in the United States, as well the world, have continued to deteriorate. Much of what is occurring is not only illogical, it borders on insanity. By resurrecting this Blog we hope to once again pick up where we left off and not only continue with the original purpose but with an emphasis on Current Events.

DISCLAIMER: No claim is made that the views expressed in The Town Crier are unbiased. Most of what is contained is OPINION, written with the hope that the readers will do their own research and due diligence on any of the subject matter.