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I joined the United States Air Force right out of High School and dedicated 20 years of my life to the Air Force. During that time I served tours in Okinawa, Thailand, Alaska and several different bases in the United States. Up until the last couple years of my military career I had very little interest in politics or anything outside of the Air force. Even though I was in the military during the Woodstock era, I started to become interested in Politics, and then during my final tour overseas in Thailand, I began to become politicized. My work required a very high security clearance and I worked daily with Viet Nam air strike information. It was then I realized what a sham the war was and from that time until the present I have spent a majority of my time following and studying politics and culture.

I’m currently retired and spend my time watching news on television, researching stories and news items on the Internet, reading books and articles related to Politics and Culture, and writing for The Town Crier and other articles.